Our Interns


Tan Lip Foo. KPUM ASASI Intern (July - August 2020)

"Being an intern in C4 was a huge eye-opening experience for me. For a law student I was remarkably oblivious of the finer details in the social and political turmoil that Malaysia is trapped in. This was exacerbated by the fact that I was in a United Kingdom transfer programme – meaning that what I learnt in the classroom was only limited to the laws of the United Kingdom itself. I never had the opportunity nor was I given an incentive to familiarize myself with the on-goings of the local political landscape other than perhaps personal motivations. C4 gave me a legitimate push to ground myself with my home and care for it through the multitude of assignments it had given me – making me much more informed on the contemporary challenges Malaysia is facing every day. It sparked a passion to help in whatever way I can to curb these troubles."


Sivanandini Sreeganathan. UM Law Intern (July- August 2020)

"Firstly, I liked how the colleagues at C4 Center treated all the interns there. Everyone was super humble and friendly and also have given their time to teach us (interns) a lot of new skills and knowledge which we could use in the future. Secondly, I learned to adapt to my surrounding or assignment given. I was moved out from my comfort zone to research and come out with ideas to advocate the society. This allowed me to make use of every opportunity or capability that I have to create a valuable outcome. Besides, since one of the main purpose of C4 Center is to advocate the public or better known as ordinary people, it made me to understand how important and crucial it is to pass the word around and advocate the society regarding political agendas which effects the economic status." 


Oleermathi Muthanilselvan. UM Law Intern (July- August 2020)

"Interning at C4 Center was really an eye opener for me. Corruption had been a parasite in Malaysia for a very long term. I learned that it’s my responsibility to give back to the society through spreading awareness on the misuse of their money by the government.  NGO’s like C4 Center had been working their best out in order to form a country that’s free from corruption and also in spreading and advocating on the public related issues. The major role of Civil Society Organisations in Malaysia have been part of balancing the check and balance of our country, especially when it involves the public’s money. So, it’s very important for us to keep on supporting the NGO’S that have been fearlessly goes against the government for the benefit of the people. I’m proud and happy that I got this golden opportunity to serve the community through C4 Center and I hope the same spirit would be in all of us."


Nuramin Hakimi. LLB Law, Uni of Bristol/ KPUM ASASI Intern. (July-August 2020)

"The main thing I liked about interning at C4 was that, unlike previous corporate work experience, I became greatly invested in the subject matter of my work. Reading up on current, evolving political news and doing research on pertinent issues like environmental damage, migrant exploitation and conflict of interest motivated me to work to my best capacity as I felt like I was contributing to something meaningful, instead of looking after a company’s bottom line.

I did find the activities that I did beneficial, particularly in terms of work efficiency. As I would occasionally receive multiple tasks from different people, I learnt to assess and prioritise my workflow to optimize my work in each individual task. I also learnt to adequately communicate my progress in these tasks – be they an infographic or a mini research assignment – to the staff in C4. As for the work specifically, generating infographics and compiling articles for corruption cases taught me to adeptly organize and present information."